Issue No.4          December 2016

Trident University International provides an exceptional online educational experience for its students – diverse adult learners including current and former members of the military family.
Adhering to the highest standards of academic excellence, faculty and staff foster a learning community where students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills to enhance their lives and advance their careers.

Message from the Provost

Mihaela-Tanasescu_250x250.jpgFirst, I would like to thank President Allen and the entire Trident community for the warm welcome. During these first weeks I had the opportunity to meet with many colleagues and to admire their great work ethic and dedication to student success. Due to our wonderful faculty, staff, alumni, and students, and given our strategic approach to growth and improvement, Trident is well positioned to continue to provide remarkable support to existing alumni, students, and to remain an attractive option for new generations of learners.

One of the most exciting current developments is that we are planning to offer several diploma programs and some undergraduate and graduate certificate programs in fields such as medical billing and coding, computerized accounting, and data analytics. In addition to being excellent standalone offerings, such programs will also provide a stepping stone for associates, bachelors, and masters degrees, and allow for a quick win for career advancement. Other Trident initiatives have included adding technology-rich resources to the curriculum and more closely monitoring and analyzing student outcomes, so that targeted interventions can be developed. Our focus is always on helping our students succeed. 

I am very excited to be taking this journey with you and appreciate everyone’s involvement. As we approach the end of the year, please allow me to wish you a wonderful Holiday Season.


Trident in the Community

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Center for Student Success

The Road of Endless Opportunities
By Jennifer Tejada

The birds on the branches are humming a sound so soothing that you are instantly reminded that it is still fall. As you walk through a road filled with opportunities, you stop to soak in the sense of direction this sound has brought upon you – a feeling that is often forgotten. Blazing orange and luminescent yellow leaves rain down on you and you realize that a new year is quickly approaching. You are ready to enter the New Year with confidence to continue with your successes and reach new heights.

Like leaves, students are unique. Each leaf that falls, is a lesson gained, an opportunity grasped, and a step toward your goal. The question is: What lessons will you carry with you into the New Year?

The lessons we learn create a fusion of possibilities and hope. However, this hope can be diminished when an unexpected circumstance arises. It causes you to stay still rather than continue on your journey toward your success. We often see this action while furthering our education.

You may feel like things are impossible and that now is not the time to finish with your degree. Despite this uncertainty, your initial determination and motivation remains. Dig deep into your personal goals. Remind yourself of what got you started on this journey. Once you shift your mindset, just as the leaves fall, you will regain your confidence to finish what you started. These lessons, the ones demonstrating that anything is possible, are the ones you want to take with you into this New Year. Let the sound direct you and remind you that the road you are on is filled with endless opportunities.

Academic Spotlight

The mission of Trident’s College of Information Systems is to provide the opportunity for academic excellence, prepare our students to function effectively, and advance their knowledge and skills in the rapidly changing fields of information technology management and computer science. We offer three degree programs from our College of Information Systems:
  • The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) program prepares its students for productive computer science based careers in government, business, industry, and not-for-profit organizations. Graduates of the BSCS program have a body of applicable knowledge for the present computing environment and a set of skills adaptable to the future computing needs.
    • BSCS Concentrations: Database, Network Administration, Web Programming, and Web Services.
  • The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Management (BSITM) program prepares students for a career in a broad range of information-based fields including careers within government, business, and not-for-profit organizations.
    • BSITM Concentrations: Business Systems Analysis, Information Security, and IT Project Management.
  • The Master of Science in Information Technology Management (MSITM) prepares the graduate to manage IT systems development and implementation, plan and design IT architecture to support these networked systems, develop security and risk management plans for the IT systems, manage IT planning to insure that IT is in step with the strategic direction of the firm, and management of emerging technologies in the firm’s IT infrastructure and systems. Upon successful completion of their respective program, graduates demonstrate effective written communication skills in an advanced IT environment. Able to perform critical analysis of complex IT situations, they can evaluate and offer alternative solutions, as well as apply knowledge, concepts, and frameworks to dynamic business situations.
    • MSITM Concentrations: Information Security/Assurance and Digital Forensics, IT Business Intelligence, IT Project Management, and IT Systems Analysis and Design.
  • There are also three graduate certificates available: Business Intelligence, Information Security/Assurance and Digital Forensics, and IT Project Management.

Trident in the News

Trident University Department Chair Receives Teaching Excellence Award
Trident University's Relaunched Alumni Association Fulfilling Community-Minded Goals
Trident University Selected as "Best for Vets" by Military Times 
Class of 2015
“Without commitment, you build roadblocks for yourself."
Roberta Kablach,  MS in Health Administration 
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“You are never too old to go to school!"
Ashley Esposito, Regional Manager of Strategic Military and Community Relations 
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Dr. Pieffer admires those who have family responsibilities, work, and still attend the University to better themselves and their families.
Dr. Mark A. Pieffer  Department Chair, Communication and Humanities
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Career Center Corner

The Center for Career Planning and Workforce Strategies (CPWS) is pleased to welcome our new recruiting partners who are offering a wide variety of job and internship opportunities for our students and alumni.  During November, we welcomed the following employers:
  • Coram/CVS Health
    While Coram, a subsidiary of CVS Health, has been posting jobs with us for a few months now, in November, the entire CVS organization began posting positions in November and boosted the number of jobs they provide in our system from over 6,000 to over 25K per week! If you thought Coram/CVS Health was only about pharmacies, then you are missing out on multiple opportunities to employ your skills! Coram/CVS Health is partnered with the Center for Career Planning and Workforce Strategies to present an Information Session on November 30th about the myriad of career paths available through their organization. CVS presented an Employer Information Session in November; access the archive by visiting the Virtual Career Center.
    • Opportunities within Coram/CVS Health exist in:
      • Analytics
      • Distribution Center
      • Pharmacy Technician
      • Customer Care
      • Nursing
      • Pharmacist
      • Corporate
      • Retail Stores
      • Internships
  • CareerSource - Palm Beach County, FL
    CareerSource offers a wealth of services and support to job seekers including workshops, hiring events, training opportunities, a virtual career center, and support for special populations such as workers with disabilities, veterans, and youth/young adults. CareerSource has connections with some of the leading companies and organizations in the area to provide hundreds of job opportunities to our students and alumni in the Palm Beach County area. Check them out on the Virtual Career Center today or register for the upcoming webinar!
    • Primary industries served by CareerSource are:
      • Healthcare
      • Hospitality
      • Marine
      • Aviation, Aerospace and Engineering
      • Information Technology
      • Life Sciences
      • Manufacturing
  • The FBI- Los Angeles
    The Federal Bureau of Investigation offers a wide variety of opportunities - many of which you may not think of when first considering the FBI. While everyone is familiar with the Special Agent role and national security, there is so much more to the FBI. Interested in data analysis? How about human resources? Are you excited about accounting and finance? Or does business analysis and administration float your boat. You may want to pursue medical or counseling opportunities. You can in the FBI – all these and more, including art and communication! The CPWS has partnered with the FBI to offer an Information Session on January 25th to highlight opportunities within the agency, what it’s like to be a part of the FBI, and answer your questions. You can sign up for the webinar here: Register for FBI Employer Information Session.

Alumni Community

Can’t attend a Regional Chapter Meeting, but want to connect with Students and Alumni in your area? If you reside in one of the following cities or states, now you can!
Click on the city or state closest to you and request to join the Private Facebook Community near you! On this page, you are encouraged to network, connect, share ideas, resources, opportunities, photos, community events, job postings, accomplishments, challenges and more! This is YOUR space, so make it your own by posting, connecting, and uniting with Trident students and alumni near you.

If you don’t see your city or state listed above and want to connect with students and alumni near you, please send an email request to with your requested city and state. We are maintaining a log of locations of interest, and will create a private Facebook Group once a minimum of five students or alumni have emailed a request for the same city or state.
Enjoy all of the fun that December has to offer and stay tuned for more exciting Alumni News in next month’s edition of Trident Today!