Issue No.16         December 2017

Trident University International provides an exceptional online educational experience for its students – diverse adult learners including current and former members of the military family.
Adhering to the highest standards of academic excellence, faculty and staff foster a learning community where students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills to enhance their lives and advance their careers.

Message.jpgMessage from the President 

by Travis Allen, President and Chief Executive Officer
On behalf of the faculty, staff, and University leadership, we wish you all a Happy Holiday. It is a privilege to be a part of a university where there are so many students that overcome all kinds of challenges and persevere. That is Trident Strong!
We are excited about progress made over the last year to improve your student experience. We hope to accomplish more in the year to come.
Trident University recognizes a holiday break between 12/24/17-12/31/17. To allow you time to spend with your families and loved ones, students are not required to participate in coursework during that time period. Students are welcome to continue their coursework, however, there will be no due dates or grading during that time period.

Trident in the Community

Join Trident at any of the following events in your local community:

Military Experience

Veterans History Project
The Veterans History Project of the American Folklife Center collects, preserves, and makes accessible the personal accounts of American war veterans so that future generations may hear directly from veterans and better understand the realities of war.
The Veterans History Project relies on volunteers, both individuals and organizations, throughout the nation to contribute veterans’ stories to the project. In addition to audio- and video-recorded interviews, Veterans History Project accepts memoirs and collections of original photographs, letters, diaries, maps and other historical documents from World War I through current conflicts.

Student Experience

by Christina Hoang and Pam Tweed
Trident consciously strives to improve the student experience along with student preparedness. Recently, Trident’s amazing IT department created a functionality to allow students who are going through the admissions process to gain access to the Trident University Orientation well before they are enrolled in their first course. This will help students become familiar with the expectations of learning in an online environment, as well as Trident’s EdActive Learning Approach.
With this access, the new student can also become comfortable with the Trident Learning Community (TLC) student portal. The Trident University Orientation creates resources, features, and services that substantiate student empowerment, confidence, caring, and support. It enhances the student experience by allowing students to prepare ahead of their first day of class by teaching students how to strengthen their online learning through organizing, communicating, reading/viewing, and research. Most importantly, the Trident University Orientation prepares and skills students to practice great habits in being a college student at Trident University.

Academic Spotlight

The purpose of Trident University’s General Education (GE) requirement is to provide the foundation for a well-rounded higher education, allowing graduates from Trident’s bachelors programs to better understand how their core curriculum integrates with modern society. The subject areas required for study in the GE program round out the higher education in the more specific, specialized curriculum offered by the University. Areas of study include:
  • English Composition
  • Mathematics
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Health and Wellness
  • Physical and Biological Sciences
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Information and Technology Literacy
For more on Trident’s General Education requirements, visit

Trident in the News

Trident University Professor Appointed Vice Chair for the NCA’s Latin Communication Studies Division
Trident University Professor Presents at Continuing Medical Education Meeting and Surgical Update
After growing up as an Air Force dependent, Ashley gained a significant amount of insight and understanding of the military lifestyle. From making nine different moves around the country, she has seen more places than most people see in a lifetime.
Ashley Esposito, Alumni - Class of 2016 
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David Barrett currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Trident University International. He joined the University in 2013 as the Vice President, Finance and Controller, and has been a financial professional for over 15 years.
David Barrett CPA, Chief Financial Officer
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Dr. Leandra H. Hernandez (Ph.D., Texas A&M University) is a part-time faculty member in the College of Health and Human Services at Trident University International. 
Dr. Leandra H. Hernandez, Part-time Faculty - College of Health and Human Services
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Career Center Corner

When transitioning from one career to another, the fundamental initial question is, “What do you want to do?” It could take MONTHS to even realize that you don’t have a good answer.
You might have an answer like one of these: “Make a contribution to a new organization,” or “Leverage my military experience, skills and education,” or “Take my skills to the next level in order to continue to challenge myself.” These could suffice as good filler answers. And in my experience, they are just that… fillers. These answers are not specific. They don’t mention a position or role that translates to a JOB or a CAREER.
Career or job transition is a really good time to get to know who you are and what you want. I suggest taking some time alone with your resume, your education, and your qualifications, and determine how these things match specific corporate job descriptions. Then ask yourself, “Can I see myself doing this job? Would I be happy doing this job? Is this something that hiring managers and recruiters might see me doing?”
No matter your qualifications, education, or experience, you must figure out what YOU want to do, and what INDUSTRY needs are. Then, and only then should you start applying and networking toward that JOB. It is important to complete your LinkedIn profile, keep your resume updated and specific to that job, and attend networking events.

Alumni Community

Trident Base Graduations Held at JBSA Randolph, Fort Bragg, and Fort

The Alumni Association & Outreach Department attended three Base Graduations in November; JBSA Randolph, Fort Bragg, and Fort Hood. We had a great time celebrating student success and welcoming our newest graduates to the Trident Alumni Community!
      • November 6, 2017 - JBSA Randolph
      • November 14, 2017 - Fort Bragg
      • November 16, 2017 - Fort Hood
Additional Base Graduations generally take place between May and July. We will do our best to alert our community to these events, but please let us know if you hear about a ceremony as well. Information can be emailed to
Additionally, Trident’s annual commencement ceremony will take place in July of 2018 in Southern California. Check out our commencement website for the latest information which will be posted as soon as it is available: If you completed your graduation requirements and degree clearance in any prior session and received approval from the Registration Office, you may participate in the 2018 or any future Trident University Graduation Ceremony. Join us!
Congratulations to those who participated in the November ceremonies, and thank you for the memories! You were a great group of graduates and we are extremely proud of your accomplishment!