Issue No.28         February 2018

Trident University International provides an exceptional online educational experience for its students – diverse adult learners including current and former members of the military family.
Adhering to the highest standards of academic excellence, faculty and staff foster a learning community where students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills to enhance their lives and advance their careers.

Message From The Dean

by Dr. Mickey Shachar,  Dean of the College of Health and Human Services
The College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) focused in FY18 on the restructuring of its academic programs to be more competitive and to shorten students’ time to graduation. We are beginning to see our first graduates from these programs, and we are seeing an increase in the number of students continuing to a second and third degree with Trident. Students who looked forward and planned ahead, and who took “Dual Credit” courses in their bachelor programs could apply up to 12 credits towards their master level programs taken at Trident. Thus, earning their master degree much faster (see catalog for details).
Fastrac-DCProgram News:
• Associate of Science in Homeland Security (ASHLS) - CHHS is developing a new degree program with plans to submit to WSCUC (our regional accrediting commission) for approval in Spring 2019. Future graduates of this program can seamlessly apply all credit earned from the associate degree towards our BSHLS program.
• The Bachelor of Science in Health Administration (BSHA) degree program, has been revamped and restructured to provide two degree paths: a general bachelor degree, and a “dual credit” bachelor degree including three master level courses (12 credits) that can be applied towards the MSHA program. Successful students can save up to six months in their master degree.
• The Department of Health Sciences, has supported the launching of the BSHA program, and now remains focused on its Core Health Sciences degree plans at both the bachelor and master levels, namely, General Track, Public Health, Health Education, Healthcare Administration, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety. (see catalog for details).
• Doctor of Health Administration (DHA) – CHHS is also considering this professional degree program suited for students interested in an applied doctoral degree culminating with a Research Study Project, using relevant planning/evaluation models and data-driven practices. No timetable has been established for submission to WSCUC.
Trident selected as Cypress' 2018 BRACE Business of the Year - read more

Trident in the Community

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Military Experience

“Find Yourself Before Leaving the Military”
by Philip F. Johndrow, National Director of Military and Veteran Alliances & Class of 2010 / 2008
Success shouldn’t be viewed as just an endgame; it’s about how you think, how you plan, and how you respond to challenges. You must be proactive in your thinking and planning. This will greatly increase your chances of success. You need to have a plan. If you don’t have a plan, then you plan to fail.
Several years ago, when considering military retirement, I had to consider my own success and endgame. I had served in the military my entire adult life, and was currently serving as the Combined Arms Center, Senior Enlisted Advisor to a General Officer. During an appointment with my doctor, he asked me a question that made me think long and hard – and it’s one that sticks with me to this day.
“Phil, if you’re not a solider, than what are you?”
As a military leader I was trained to have answers in even the most difficult situations, but in this situation, I was left speechless. My doctor advised me to critically think about this question. If I could only identify myself as a solider, then I had some soul-searching to do. I failed to plan for life after the military because I could not imagine myself as anything but a soldier.
Planning for a transition from military to civilian life after a 30-year career is not an easy task. Many decorated men and women before and after me have faced numerous difficulties when separating from the military. Those of you reading this blog may be facing similar challenges of your own, despite a successful career in uniform.
Defining who you are is central to cracking the code of your military transition. Without this understanding, you run the risk of being lost at sea in a ship without sails. For the sake of the sacrifices you’ve made for your country and your loved ones, find yourself before you hang up your uniform.
Finding yourself is a practical exercise. No matter who you are, you’ve changed over the years. Are you the same person at 40 as you were at 20? More than likely not – you’ve experienced adult life, likely learned some hard lessons, and have gained some wisdom. Use those experiences to define what success will mean to you after you retire. There is no road map for this process as it is a personal experience.
As a leader, we can become so focused on the formation that we feel if we take time for ourselves then we are being selfish. Instead, we need to think about the impact we make on the men and women who look to us for guidance. How can we best set the example for them?
By taking care of ourselves and planning for the future years before we ever consider retirement, we can show our units the power of planning and proactive thinking. Not only is this beneficial for our own success, but it’s also beneficial to the success of the mission of the U.S. Armed Forces.
For me, and most of us, education is part and parcel of this success. Not only does finishing a degree give you a competitive advantage in the corporate world, it makes you more valuable in uniform. Having a bachelors degree made me a better leader, and the masters degree I was finishing as I was transitioning gave me an extra edge in the civilian workforce.
On day one of your life in the military, have checkpoints in your career. Think about your progress in the military and how it best fulfills what you define as success. As you work your way through the ranks, consider your successes and failures and share these lessons with those around you.
If you reach a point in your career where you’re not selected for an assignment or promotion, then you can look back on these checkpoints as a way to consider your next step. This blueprint for success will make it much easier for you to define who you are – and how you’re going to make your mark on the civilian world.
So, if I’m not a soldier, then who am I? I am a soldier for life, and that will always be a part of who I am. But I am also a corporate leader, a mentor, and an educator. Education and work experience have shown me new ways to define myself and my success in all that I do. Although the military has been a large chapter in my life, it is not the entire book.
Philip F. Johndrow is a 33-year military veteran and a graduate of Trident’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Master of Business Administration programs. He currently serves as Trident’s National Director of Military & Veteran Alliances.

Student Experience

Musings of a Trident Student Employee: Easier Said Than Done (Based on True Events)
by Karina J. Diaz, Student Success Advisor
“Two weeks for 1 module? That’s more than enough time!” I thought to myself as I kept procrastinating. The idea of taking 2 classes seemed like a breeze, or so I thought. As the end of Module 1 approached, I started to panic because I needed to complete 2 cases, 2 SLPs, and 2 discussions, and not to mention all the reading material needed to complete these assignments. So, as my work week ended, my weekend full of homework began. After 2 days of constant reading and writing, I realized that I underestimated the amount of time and work required for online classes.
As a graduate from a traditional brick and mortar university, I thought getting my MBA online would be easy, but I was mistaken. Don’t get me wrong, online classes offer several advantages, like not looking for parking and saving time and money; however, that same flexibility can potentially work against you if you don’t stay on track. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way and fell victim to procrastination – all because I failed to follow a schedule. As a Student Success Advisor here at Trident, it is easy to say, “don’t procrastinate” and “make sure to submit at least your discussions within the first week,” but it takes a lot of self-discipline and time-management skills to succeed. It is very easy to get distracted, but it is also easy to get started – holding yourself accountable to doing what you are supposed to do is key to time-management.
After Module 1, I realized I could use some additional support so I spoke with my Student Success Advisor as we came up with a schedule for Module 2 so that I could balance all my obligations. She also checked in with me throughout the module to encourage me and make sure I stayed on track.
As a Trident student, I am reassured in knowing that I can make my own schedule, deciding what times on what days I will do my homework while meeting all my due dates. This allows me to just solely focus on learning, which is something I wish I did more as an undergraduate. Having gone through this, I can really empathize with my students because it is a lot easier said than done.

Academic Spotlight

Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management
With the Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management (BSHRM) degree from Trident, you will be prepared for a fulfilling future in the growing human resource management field. You will gain the education you need to help organizations succeed by building great teams and nurturing their people. While attending Trident’s online bachelors degree program, you will:
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of Human Resource Management.
  • Learn practical skills, such as staffing training HR information’s systems and more.
  • Gain a strong business background.
  • Become an effective communicator in a business setting.
  • Advance your career even while you work full time, thanks to the flexible scheduling from our online college degree programs.
  • Finally, join an engaged and connected online human resources college community.
When you choose Trident’s online degrees in human resources, you can expect to graduate ready to excel and produce results for your employer. The Trident Learning Model was designed to ensure you gain skills that are applicable in real-life human resource scenarios. For more information on this online degree program visit the Human Resource Degree program page.

Trident in the News

Trident University Announces Quicker Path to Graduation for Masters Programs
Trident University Expands Military Success Scholarship to Masters Programs
Dean’s List November Fastrac 2018 Session
Rocky Roy C. Marsh Jr. began his education mostly to prepare himself for retirement from active duty. Throughout his military career, he has believed training and education to be critical pillars to strengthening human capital. Rocky Roy C. Marsh Jr. completed a B.S. in Human Resource Management.
Rocky Roy C. Marsh Jr.Class of 2014 / 2013 
View Profile
Vahid Shariat as Chief Information Officer of Trident University and a member of the Executive Leadership Team. He is responsible for all aspects of technology and information systems supporting Trident Students, Faculty, and staff with online resources accessible from everywhere. 
Vahid Shariat, Chief Information Officer
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Dr. Bonnie Adams
Dr. Adams is teaching part-time at Trident in the area of ethics and management. Prior to her career as a professor, she worked as the Office Chief of Training for the Division of Children and Family Services as well as managed an education and marketing unit for another state agency.
Dr. Bonnie Adams, Part-time Faculty - Glenn R. Jones College of Business
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Career Center Corner

Trident Virtual Career Fair
Even though Trident is a 100% online university, we still have a Career Fair for our students! The Center for Career Planning and Workforce Strategies invites you to participate in our upcoming Trident Virtual Career Fair on Wednesday, February 27 from 11am–2pm (PST).
The intent of this event is to align students and graduates possessing valuable skills with employers seeking high quality candidates. Please join and help us make this a successful event – this may be one of your best opportunities to connect with employers who want to hire you! And as a job seeker, your participation will encourage employers to participate in future events. We welcome everyone to attend this event and we encourage you to share this opportunity with family and friends as well. They may also attach a resume for submission to employers.
RSVP today and take advantage of this great networking opportunity!
James Shiver, Manager of Center for Career Planning is always happy to assist you with your questions and serve you in your career needs, so don’t hesitate to contact him at

Alumni Community

Expanding Benefits for Alumni: TWO Scholarships
Did you know that Trident now offers TWO Alumni scholarships? Whether you feel like taking the plunge and going back to school yourself or paying it forward and encouraging a friend to continue their education, Trident has two scholarships that meet these needs!
Scholarship #1: The Trident Alumni Scholarship is available to all Alumni returning for a graduate or doctoral degree. Scholarship recipients are eligible to receive 15% tuition savings off each course of their program!!
Scholarship #2 (Just Released!): The Trident Alumni Referral Scholarship gives our Alumni the opportunity to pay it forward by giving the gift of education to a friend or free course! Trident alumni who refer a new, first-time, student to Trident give their friends the opportunity to receive their 4th course free if they meet the scholarship requirements, including academic performance standards.
We hope you are as excited about these scholarships as we are and look forward to seeing Alumni and friends continue their education together.
If you are interested in taking advantage of this scholarship, please contact or 800-509-3901 for more information.