Issue No.23         July 2018

Trident University International provides an exceptional online educational experience for its students – diverse adult learners including current and former members of the military family.
Adhering to the highest standards of academic excellence, faculty and staff foster a learning community where students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills to enhance their lives and advance their careers.

Message From The Dean

by Dr. Mickey Shachar, Dean of the College of Health and Human Services 
The College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) has focused in FY18 on the restructuring of its academic programs to be more competitive and to shorten students’ time to graduation. We believe that a sound and July18-Deanpositive learning experience at Trident for our Bachelors level students will encourage them to decide to continue with us as they plan their education continuation at the Masters level. To this end, we have incorporated in our Bachelors programs “Dual Credit” courses that students can apply (up to 12 credits) towards their Masters level programs taken at Trident. This benefits our students as they can earn their Master degree much faster (see catalog for details).
News from and updates to our programs:
Our Homeland Security (HLS) Programs (BSHLS & MSHLS) under Dr. Rudolph Bustos, have demonstrated wonderful growth that exceeded even our own conservative forecasts! We are also most pleased to see our first 20 graduates from our young BSHLS program.
The Health Administration Department under Dr. Gayl Anglin, has launched the new Bachelor of Science in Health Administration (BSHA) degree program, to augment the current Master program, and now this program is approved for student tuition funding by Department of Education (FA), Military (TA), and Veteran Administration (VA).
Dr. Rolena Stephenson, Department Chair of Health Sciences, has led the restructuring of the BSHS program to be competitive and allow graduates of the Bachelor concentrations to apply specific credits earned at Trident towards their future Master programs (see catalog for details).
Our Doctor of Philosophy in Health Sciences (PhDHS) degree program, is now headed (as of March 2018) by Dr. Ryan Dwight who has brought with him a sound background of academic experience and management skills. The PhD program has been revamped to allow qualified students to complete their degree, didactic courses and Dissertation, within 6 years.
We look forward to seeing our current students graduate with knowledge and skills for life, many of whom will be attending our upcoming Graduation Ceremony!

Trident in the Community

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Military Experience

Meet the Trident Military Outreach Team – Megan Stewart
Megan Stewart, Outreach Educational Specialist at Trident University, is a military spouse who prides herself in being an active part of the Fort Irwin community.
After spending 16 years in a career in ophthalmology, she turned to volunteer work during the time her husband, Derek, was stationed at Fort Irwin. She discovered a passion for helping soldiers and their spouses while volunteering in various post organizations there. It was then that she discovered this was a true calling and enthusiastically joined the Trident University International team to help soldiers, spouses, and members of the Fort Irwin community gain access to the best education possible, while simultaneously serving their country.
Megan is currently finishing her degree in Healthcare Administration at the University of Central Florida and is scheduled to graduate with her Bachelors in December 2018. In her free time, she travels Southern California with Derek and their two children, Camden and Madelyn, and continues to actively volunteer with various organizations on post.

Student Experience

Improvements in the Classroom
by Lori Peck 
Trident is committed to improving our students’ experience in the classroom. And now our My TLC Courses classroom is getting a facelift!
In the next few months, our students will notice a new look and feel. There are new fonts, updated icons, and a cleaner interface. Built with a responsive design, adapting to different screen sizes, the classroom looks great on laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
We are making it easier to stay connected and access your courses from anywhere.
Although our common course activities aren’t changing, there are some positive changes when our students first dive in. These courses are designed to get you right to the content that you are interested in.
We’re excited for this change and the improvements that our students will get to experience in My TLC Courses.

Academic Spotlight

Diverse. Compassionate. Well Rounded.
The overall strength of Trident University’s faculty is their combined academic and professional experiences enhanced by their cohesive commitment to student success. This provides a student experience that is second to none.
Our faculty come from across the globe, like Argentina, China, Israel, South Korea, India, and, of course, the United States. Some bring experience from their education at Harvard and Stanford, while others achieved degrees in an online setting as military service took them from one corner of the globe to the next.
Trident’s faculty are truly scholarly practitioners. They include seasoned professionals who worked for well-known organizations such as the United States Armed Forces, Department of Homeland Security, Cedars-Sinai Hospital, the Clinton Foundation, and the Los Angeles Department of Health. They’ve studied Ebola in West Africa, have spoken in front of the United Nations, and have served as expert consultants for major television networks.
They also include researchers with scholarly work featured in journals such as Science Signaling, Real Estate Economics, and Feminist Economics. Additionally, they are in-demand speakers at conferences hosted by respected organizations like the American Marketing Association, the Clute Institute, and the Americas Conference on Information Systems.
If there is a common thread that links the experiences of these talented men and women, it’s the diversity of the skills and perspectives they bring to students.
Their commitment to intellectual and professional growth is rivaled only by their commitment to the success of their students. Those who are truly well-rounded know that the potential for insight can come at any moment, in any interaction, through any session or class.
Our Professors are well-rounded, curious, and active. They know that teaching is a two-way street where learning is done on a daily basis. Trident’s students, who are equally diverse, have as many questions as answers, and are invaluable to creating a shared experience that creates a one-of-a-kind learning environment. This leads to unrivaled learning outcomes for our students.
It’s an environment that we believe helps students go further than they ever thought possible.

Trident in the News

Alex Gorlovsky Receives Trident University’s Teaching Excellence Award
Dean’s List April Fastrac 2018 Session
Trident University International Announces Career Fair
Trident University Faculty Member Recognized for Educating Business Leaders on Workplace Harassment Issues
Trident University Alumnus Publishes Book on Student Success
Trident University International Enhances Its Masters Level Education Program
Jonathan Douglas earned an impressive four masters degrees from Trident. Jonathan Douglas almost missed the window to finish his MBA and completed it just before he retired. Upon retiring Douglas had no plans to go back to school then the DoD created the Yellow Ribbon program allowing him to transfer GI Bill to your children.
Jonathan Douglas, Class of 2014 / 2012 / 2011 / 2006 - Trident Triple 
View Profile
Kendra’s journey at Trident has been one of variety and opportunities, enabling her to develop, grow and broaden her skill set to strategically and compassionately serve her team, students, and University. She began in administration, worked in marketing, and traveled as a field Liaison.
Kendra Temple, Director, Alumni Engagement & Human Resources Project Manager
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Dr. Virginia Johnson obtained her bachelor’s degree in Business Management. She immediately went on to earn her Master’s degree in Organizational Management. Dr. Johnson continued her educational pursuit in a Ph.D. program in Organization and Management. 
Dr. Virginia Johnson, Part-time Faculty - College of Education
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Career Center Corner

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people who take advantage of others in a variety of ways including employment opportunities. A recent article on outlines such a scam and we wanted to make sure you are aware and cautious.
The Center for Career Planning and Workforce Strategies screens opportunities provided to the center prior to placing them in the Virtual Career Center (VCC), so you can be assured that the opportunities you find in the Symplicity VCC are legitimate. But none-the-less, we encourage you to be cautious when applying to job opportunities. Please take time to read the information below and remember; if it seems suspicious, then it may well be.
Students Fall Prey to Employment Scam
College students across the country are taking the bait on an employment scam that gives scammers access to their bank accounts, according to an announcement from the FBI.
The scammers send out emails and post advertisements for job openings, typically recruiting students to take on administrative positions. During the hiring process, students are told they need to purchase certain equipment or supplies for the new job, and the “employer” will send a counterfeit check to reimburse them for the materials. After the student deposits the check, they are asked to send a portion of the money from their checking account to a third party.
The FBI included several examples of the email instructions from scammers in its public service announcement.
• "You will need some materials/software and also a time tracker to commence your training and orientation and also you need the software to get started with work. The funds for the software will be provided for you by the company via check. Make sure you use them as instructed for the software and I will refer you to the vendor you are to purchase them from, okay."
• "I have forwarded your start-up progress report to the HR Dept. and they will be facilitating your start-up funds with which you will be getting your working equipment from vendors and getting started with training."
• "Enclosed is your first check. Please cash the check, take $300 out as your pay, and send the rest to the vendor for supplies."
After a student completes all of these steps, the results can be damaging -- they would need to reimburse the bank for the amount of the counterfeit checks, their bank account could be closed, their credit score could drop and they could be vulnerable to identity theft after divulging personal information to the scammers.
The FBI is encouraging students to report suspicious emails to their institution’s IT department and the FBI. The bureau also advises students never to accept a job that asks them to deposit or wire money. (Tate, 2017)

Alumni Community

Military Base Graduates – Congrats & Thank You for the Memories!
by Kendra Temple
The Alumni Association, Academic Leadership, and University Outreach team joined forces throughout May and June to celebrate our military graduates at five installation ceremonies held across the country. From Fort Irwin on May 2nd, to JBLM May 11th; Naval Station Norfolk on May 24th; and Naval Base San Diego June 1st; ending our tour at Fort Benning on June 22nd, where 19 Graduates walked the stage in front of friends, family and colleagues. It was an honor to be a part of these commemorative events and welcome our newest graduates to the Alumni Community!
The next group of base graduations will take place in November 2018. If you are interested in taking part, please be sure to read Trident Today Newsletter for details. If you are aware of a base graduation and would like to have Trident participate, let us know by emailing
Reminder: Trident hosts one annual commencement ceremony in California every summer (this year’s event is only a few weeks away - July 14th) and we would love to have you take part. Graduates who have completed their degree requirements and are approved by the Registrar’s office, may participate in any future Trident University Graduation Ceremony. This means graduates from ANY year can walk at ANY on our annual ceremonies. Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate all your hard work! The date has not yet been confirmed for 2019, but will be posted here once confirmed.
Enjoy your summer and remain Trident Strong!
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