Issue No.1          September 2016

Trident University International provides an exceptional online educational experience for its students – diverse adult learners including current and former members of the military family.
Adhering to the highest standards of academic excellence, faculty and staff foster a learning community where students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills to enhance their lives and advance their careers.

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Welcome to the new Trident Today Newsletter, a new communication tool for the entire Trident community. Trident Today provides a unique opportunity for us to communicate our constant efforts to improve the Trident experience.

We are dedicated to improving the overall student experience. Our objective is to improve the academic experience so students are more likely to graduate and achieve more than they thought possible. In this newsletter, we’ll update you on the improvements that are happening so that you can stay connected with us during your academic journey and after you complete your degree.

By the way, we hosted our 2016 graduation ceremony on July 30, 2016 at the Terrace Theatre in Long Beach. The ceremony was one that will create lasting memories for all. We are thrilled that so many Trident graduates are able to attend the ceremony every year. Congratulations again to all of our graduates! You can view highlights from the ceremony in the video to the right.

In closing, I’d like to share this quote with you: “Scientifically, happiness is a choice. It is a choice about where your single processor brain will devote its finite resources as you process the world.” (Shawn Achor)

I wish for you to be happy in whatever you choose to do! I work on this everyday and know that it can and does make a difference in your life. You are Trident Strong!


Trident in the Community


Center for Student Success

Our Best Day of the Year by: Sarah Núñez
For the first time ever Trident University hosted an official Open House the day before the graduation ceremony. This was an opportunity for graduates to come and tour the campus as well as meet their Student Success Advisor, Faculty members and staff who have worked with them directly. Many graduates also brought their family members who have supported them during their educational journey to meet their Trident family. After spending countless hours by telephone and email supporting our students toward completion of their degree program; being able to meet them in person and congratulating them for their accomplishments brought a great feeling of satisfaction. With smiles on each face, students migrated between the booths set up from each department. Many also enjoyed the photo booth and appetizers before being taken in small groups on a tour of our campus.
The next day was the much anticipated graduation. After months of planning and organizing the ceremony, staff from every department of the university came together for the day we most look forward to each year. Graduates along with their friends and family travelled from around the globe. The opportunity to be recognized for completing their Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral degree had finally arrived. Before the ceremony began, there were two rooms full of graduates hastily donning their caps and gowns. Many were excitedly talking to their classmates and sharing about their similar experiences in school, work and/or military obligations. They had each made great sacrifices to complete their degrees and make it to the big day. The time came to lead the graduates into the theatre as “Pomp and Circumstance” played through the speakers. The carefully choreographed entrance march was seamless and greeted by hearty cheers from the crowd.
Jonathan Ord, Keynote Speaker, said “When we have hard things that we go through, when we have a load that we are carrying, we gripe and complain about those situations that we are going through. But then in hindsight, we look back and say ‘man I have learned a ton’ right? Those are the times that we think ‘I am so glad I went through that challenge or that trial in my life’” He left us with 3 key principles for success:
1) Act or be acted upon
2) Put pressure and load on yourself – do hard things
3) Be charitable by helping someone understand their true potential
Trident’s annual graduation event was a weekend full of introductions and celebration. In short, it is our best day of the year! 

Academic Spotlight

It is an exciting time at the University with the new look Academic Affairs Department. In the face of regulatory and competitive pressures in the higher education sector, Trident leadership determined that a new structure was necessary in order to better serve our students and ensure the University’s continued success by:
  • Ensuring the equitable distribution of full-time faculty resources across colleges and programs based on the respective numbers of students, courses, and subject matter areas within each college;
  • Enabling more effective deployment of faculty expertise across program levels within newly created academic departments, which will help to improve the quality of all of our programs;
  • Reducing competition for faculty resources between programs within colleges; and
  • Clarifying faculty and administrative role responsibilities and decision authority.
In addition, Trident’s academic job titles and roles are now consistent with those widely used in academia. Accordingly there have been changes to roles and titles - Faculty Lead (FL) and Program Director (PD) titles have been replaced with Associate Deans, Department Chairs and Doctoral Studies Directors.

The restructure required the coordination and cooperation of everyone in Academic Affairs and many others across the University. True to Trident form, everyone involved in the process took on the challenge and persevered. Our faculty and administrators, HR department and IT staff; and everyone else who participated and supported this effort deserve recognition and a big Thank you! The result of their efforts is an even stronger academic team that is better structured for success.

Trident in the News

Trident University International To Host Career Fair
Dean’s List June Fastrac 2016 Session
Class of 2014 / 2013  - “I’m forever grateful to have discovered Trident.” Native of Mobile, AL, U.S. Army Air Traffic Controller, Afghanistan Veteran, HR Manager, Toastmaster Director, and proud Trident alumnus.
Rocky Roy C. Marsh Jr. ,  MA in Educational Leadership/Admin & BS in HR Management
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Kendra's journey with the University has been one of variety and opportunity, enabling her to develop, grow and broaden her skill set to strategically and compassionately serve students and colleagues.
Kendra Temple,  Director of Alumni Engagement and Outreach Operations 
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Tanya has over 20 years’ experience in career development serving civilians, veterans, and military in transition. She is a certified TAP Facilitator and created a TAP Supplemental Transition Workshop series.
Tanya White-Earnest,  Director of Center for Career Planning and Workforce Strategies 
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Career Center Corner

The Trident University International Center for Career Planning and Workforce Strategies is pleased to announce the new Virtual Career Center, powered by Symplicity and offering “self-service” Career Development options using Career Beam Career Development System.
The Virtual Career Center, using the Symplicity Career Services Manager (CSM) system enables the Career Center to offer a variety of self-help career preparation tools like:
  • Connection between job seekers and leading employers
  • Job Postings
  • Virtual Career Fairs
  • Workshops
  • Mentoring Opportunities
  • Coaching and Counseling Appointments
  • Resume Builder
  • Mock Interviews
  • Career Planning and Development Resources
Check out the new Virtual Career Center today at Trident4Careers or access it through the Student Portal by clicking the Trident4Careers Link in Tools and Links.

Alumni Community

Exciting work is happening to make YOUR Alumni Association better than ever! From the establishment of regional chapters, to new Alumni perks and savings, and social events; we are excited to give back to our students and grads who have committed to us over the years.
The mission of Trident University International’s Alumni Association is to connect, engage and inspire our worldwide community of learners beyond the online classroom and into their local communities. The Association serves the social, professional, and academic needs of Alumni and future Alumni through increased opportunities for meaningful engagement in order to increase awareness, pride, participation, and commitment to their University, Trident University.
The Trident Community has a lot to look forward to; from the addition of regional events; chapter meetings; added resources, benefits and savings; mentor/protégé matching; virtual development opportunities; and additional news and event communications like this newsletter, are all being developed for YOU!
If you are excited about what’s to come, the first thing you should do is update your contact information with your latest personal email, phone, and address in the TLC Portal, as many of our communications are regionalized and are sent based on your primary address zip code. To update your contact information, login to the TLC Portal and under “My Record,” select “Personal Info Update.” If you don’t remember your password, click the “Forgot Your Password” link and we will get you squared away.
Updating your contact information is a great first step in staying connected with your Trident Community. We encourage you to read Trident Today on a monthly basis for updates and exciting news related to the Alumni Association and hope that you will find an opportunity to Connect, Engage & Inspire you and your fellow Alum! Together we are, Trident Strong!