Issue No.25         September 2018

Trident University International provides an exceptional online educational experience for its students – diverse adult learners including current and former members of the military family.
Adhering to the highest standards of academic excellence, faculty and staff foster a learning community where students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills to enhance their lives and advance their careers.

Message From The Provost

Mihaela-Tanasescu_250x250As Trident is wrapping up its Alumni Survey, I would like to say a few words about the power of feedback. Specifically, feedback from graduates and students about their learning experience. The results of the survey were very good. For example, ninety one percent (91%) of respondents agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “Overall, I am satisfied with my academic experience”, while 81% agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “Trident University has given me the knowledge and skills necessary that will help me move forward in my career.” Recently, Trident also performed focus groups, and we regularly inquire about student satisfaction with each course in the course evaluation surveys. Thank you for your participation in all these forms of feedback and for providing us with insights on serving you better. Thank you for the honest input. It shows that you care not just about your own experience and success, but also about the experience and success of your peers and of future Trident students.

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Military Experience

Procrastination verses Precrastination…
by Chaunte Myers
Strategies for time management should be identified at the very beginning of any life changing transition, goal, program, or work project to ensure not only completion but completion with accuracy. Time is the heartbeat, the dictator, and the ultimate metric that will determine if you’re considered to be ahead or…behind.
I just completed my third week as a doctoral student at Trident University and my life perspective is already changing.
I find myself asking these questions:
*How does one define or measure success?
*Do you ever ask yourself while perusing social media why some appear to be more successful than others?
*Are you working towards a goal and how will you now when you’ve reached your goal?
It takes time and effort to achieve great results. We tend to lend an ear to “immediate” gratification without having a fuller understanding of the work that went in prior to the launch. The methodical process for accuracy isn’t obtained by procrastination nor precrastination. Inherently, there are dangers to both…
Ask yourself as you prepare to embark on your next journey:
Do you procrastinate? Are you waiting til the last minute to start something that you could start now? The longer you wait, studies suggest duration leads to further stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. The additional pressure builds upon and can ultimately lead to not only failures in performance, but a reduced overall well-being.
Do you precrastinate? Are you in such a hurry to respond to every email/LinkedIn post that you chose time over quality? If you’re questioning the dangers of precrastination then I ask you: How many misspelled words have you typed recently? How many times have you responded and thought “wow, I should’ve read the whole message”? Lastly, are you receiving the intended message or response?
Over the next few days, I implore you to slow down, take a deep breath, get a pen and paper… yes, pen and paper, and write down your goals. Contemplate, and prioritize how you will achieve those goals. Now, consider which goal could fall victim to your pro/precrastination.
Success doesn't happen overnight. It requires hard work, dedication, and a continued methodology of prioritization. Success is found through proving to be a lifelong learner and having the ability to apply what you've learned. Success is a journey, a journey to be shared with those who will celebrate the victories as well as the defeats, and ultimately a journey… is your journey, your life story!

Student Experience

Sacrifices Bring You Success
by Jennifer Tejada 
As a Student Success Advisor, in the Center for Student Success, I have been able to learn the true meaning of sacrifice from our students. We help students have a smooth transition as new students into the Trident community and welcome them to Trident. As we learn their story and why they are pursuing their degree, the word sacrifice is given life. As Student Success Advisors, we encourage our students daily to pursue their educational goals, never give up, and truly embrace the three words: Aspire, Believe, Achieve. We do this by ensuring that there is always support being given to students when it comes to the selection of their programs, the course and system navigations, academic difficulty, and general questions about the Trident Learning Community.
Being given the opportunity to be part of the support system for students, is a huge honor. Each student’s story carries its own meaning of sacrifice. To be trusted to know their story, how much they sacrifice as military students, as parents, as working adults, and at times all three at once is the purpose of why the Center for Student Success is here for them. Being able to call students daily to support them through their courses, the good times, the bad, and to help a student achieve their dreams is the best opportunity one could get as a Student Success Advisor. At times, yes, it is easy for students to crave a warm embrace of a nap instead of working on an assignment, but that is the sacrifice our students give. We are here daily to help them see that it is all worth it and will be worth it when they walk on the stage at the time of Commencement. The Center for Student Success is wholeheartedly committed to ensuring students continuously reach every step of their academic journey.

Academic Spotlight

Trident University offers a Master of Science in Information Technology Management (MSITM) program that is 100% online.
• Be prepared to manage IT systems development and implementation and emerging technologies in IT infrastructure and systems.
• Learn to plan and design IT architecture to support networked systems.
• Gain the skills to develop security and risk management plans for IT systems.
• Develop skills to manage IT planning so that it is in step with the strategic direction of the organization.
• Join an engaging quality online learning community in the Trident Learning Community (TLC).
• Collaborate with experienced, highly respected, and diverse faculty.
The online information technology management masters degree program is designed to prepare you to manage IT systems development and implementation so you can excel at the professional management level in the information technology field.
Through your coursework, research, and collaboration, you will hone your technology skills as well as your management, ensuring you are as effective with people as you are with machines.

Trident in the News

Dean’s List June Fastrac 2018 Session
FBI, AT&T, and More Slated to Attend Trident University’s Virtual Career Fair
Trident University Business School Professor Awarded Annual Teaching Excellence Award
Dr. Monique Williams earned her Ph.D. in Health Sciences: International Health Educator / Researcher from Trident University International. During her experience at Trident, she had the best professors that really understood her needs on a personal and professional level.
Dr. Monique Williams, Class of 2012 
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Vahid Shariat as Chief Information Officer of Trident University and a member of the Executive Leadership Team. He is responsible for all aspects of technology and information system supporting Trident Students, Faculty, and staff with online resources accessible from everywhere.
Vahid Shariat, Chief Information Officer
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Today, Kara Mohre is proud to teach communication and student transition courses for Trident University International. Previously, she served as adjunct faculty for Gardner-Webb University, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Alamance Community College.
Kara Mohre, Full-time Faculty - University College
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Career Center Corner

Applying for Numerous Jobs and No One is Calling?
Having your resume to catch the hiring managers eye and get in front of others for interviews, you must ensure your resume stands out. Here are a few ways to make your resume catch the hiring managers eye.
Aline Your Resume to the Job Description - Job Descriptions let you know what the hiring managers ideal skill, experiences needed for the position. Make sure to mirror the Job Descriptions.

Describe Accomplishments, Not Job Descriptions - Instead of copying your job description, emphasize the accomplishments and results you’ve made while focusing on the job description. Define the ways you’ve improved and excelled in your career and have you have gone above and beyond.

Measure Your Accomplishments - Real hard facts outweigh any skill word you place on your resume. Adding numbers on the work you have done shows hiring managers an idea how you might fit into an organization.
The Use of the Summary Section for Individual DetailsWhen using the summary section, please remember to take up most of your valuable space. Use it to aline yourself and skills to the Job Descriptions. There is no reason for a self-description, such as ‘Self Starter’ ‘results-driven’ and ‘excellent communicator. Some hiring managers believe if you need to emphasize your excellent communication skills, then you probably need to work on that skill. Instead, drop the generics and use the summary section to provide details of your achievements.

Alumni Community

Alumni Scholarship Expands to Business Analytics Certificate
Big Data is the future and Trident wants our Alumni to have access to a program that prepares them for it. Trident’s new 5 month Business Analytics Certificate now comes at a more affordable price for Alumni, who are eligible to receive a 15% scholarship savings!


Program Length

Tuition Cost (per course)

Tuition Cost (entire program)

Business Analytics Certificate

5 months

$1,615 with Alumni Scholarship ($1,900 without Scholarship)

 $8,075 with Alumni Scholarship ($9,500 without Scholarship)

Program Details: The Business Analytics Certificate introduces big data analytics to professionals to help organizations make informed and data-driven decisions to optimize business operations. Students acquire statistical, quantitative, technical, and critical thinking skills by applying concepts, tools, and real-world data. The program prepares students to be able to provide organizations with data driven solutions. To ensure students learn the industry standard tools, this program is co-developed and offered with SAS, the industry leader in business analytics.
Jobs that benefit from this certificate:
  • Statistical Assistants
  • Business Intelligence Analysts
  • Database Administrators
  • Business Information Analysts
More Information: If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about this program or the Alumni Scholarship, contact or 800-509-3901.
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